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Phu Mu- Leong Nok Tha

Leong Nok Tha Airstrip

Phu Mu 66-67 by David L. Lewis
Savannakhet, Laos and Phu Mu Signal Site
Looking for these GI's
Phu Mu Microwave Site-Upper Camp (Mike Mainer 1969-70)
Phu Mu Microwave Site - Lower Camp Photos provided by...(Mike Mainer - Richard Epstein) 69-70, 65-66
Phu Mu Microwave Site (John D. Meyer 1970-71)
Phu Mu Microwave Site - Upper Camp 2001
Phu Mu Microwave Site - Lower Camp (2001)
Leong Nok Tha Airstrip
Phu Mu Microwave Site (Terry Colvin 1972-73)
Leong Nok Tha Airstrip Dedication
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This a photo of Leong Nok Tha Airstrip taken in 2001. It wasn't safe to take many photos as this airstrip is now patrolled by drug dealers and drug lords. It is used as a transfer point for drugs filtering in from the Golden Triangle.
To read the dedication on the Brass Plaque located at the entrance to the Airstrip please click here: Leong Nok Tha Airstrip Dedication

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Photo taken by Gene Ponce 2001
View of the runway today

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