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Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base

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Korat Barracks - 2

Photos Submitted by:
Gene Ponce, 1970-71, 2000
Larry Westin, 1968-69

Photo from Larry Westin's Korat Web Site
View of the 553rd & 554th barracks



Photo by Gene Ponce April 2000
View of the 553rd FMS barracks. The Banyan trees were only 2 ft high in 1970, look now!

Photo by Gene Ponce April 2000
View of the 554th Recon Sqd barracks. Further down the road & to the left was the AFTN building

Photo from Larry Westn's Korat Web Site
View of the 554th Recon Sqaudron barracks

Photo by Gene Ponce April 2000
Photo of the 553rd FMS barracks (my barracks)

Photo by Gene Ponce April 2000
View of the 554th Recon Sq barracks. The small shack was where the housegirls washed or clothes

Photo by Gene Ponce 1970
View from the 553rd FMS barracks towards the 388th SPS hooches. Note the small Banyan tree below

View of a 388th Security Police Sq (SPS) hooch.

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