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Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base

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Korat - Aerial Views

When known, photo credits will be given. The other photo authors names will be added when received. My apologies if I use a photo without the author's name. Please notify me if you recognize any of your photos.

Photo by Jack Cook
Korat Air Base 31st Field Hospital 1962

Photo by Unkown
Korat Air Base or Camp Friendship ??

Photo from Larry Westin's Korat Web Site
Korat Air Base Approach to runway 24 (EC-121R Parking ramp on the left)

Photo by Ken Ebersole
Korat Air Base 1965

Photo courtesy of MacAlan Thompson
Camp Friendship June 1962 took my camera along on a jump out of an L-20 Beaver aircraft, no door.

Photo from Larry Westin's Korat Web Site
3/4 mile out on final to Runway 24



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