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Korat Royal Thai Air Force Base

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Korat Base Facilities - 2

Photos Submitted by:
Bob Keeyes, 1968-69
Gene Ponce, 1970-71, 2000, Robert Penoyer
, 1968-69

Photo by Gene Ponce
Sawadee Airman's Club 1970

Photo by Bob Keeyes Korat 1968-69
Views of the "Sawadee" Aimans Club


Photo by Gene Ponce April 2000
Korat Officers Club "Kaboom"

Photo Courtesy of Robert Penoyer
NCO Club. Click on Photo to access Robert Penoyer's Website

Photo by Gene Ponce
What remains of the "Sawadee" Airmans Club April 2000

Photo by Gene Ponce
Dedication Plaque to "Roscoe" April 2000


Photo by Gene Ponce April 2000
Korat Officers Club "Kaboom"

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